TOld 5g internet was available and now told it's not available?


So, end of last year we were told 5g lite was available to us. As rural dsl users this was like coming out of the dark ages ;) For a month and a half it was glorious!

Then we recevied a message saying 5g unlimted was now available, and they set us up on that plan. From that moment on our speeds have degraded nearly to the point of unusable. 
Finally, I’d had enough and contacted tech support who, anoungst other things, said how did you get 5g unlimited, it’s not available in your area. I said tmobile contacted US and said it was. 

I feel like this leaves me in a bad spot, how can I complain about bad service when they say 5g isn’t supposed to be for us?

Heck, I’d almost go back to light except...if it’s not available in our area, surerly the light isn’t either?

I should note all the tech support people have been awesome. Not perfect, but awesome!


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To address the issue, I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Contact Technical Support: Reach out to our tech support team once again and explain the situation, emphasizing that you were informed about the availability of 5G Unlimited in your area. They can investigate further, verify the availability of different 5G plans in your specific location, and provide guidance on the best course of action.

  2. Network Troubleshooting: While in contact with tech support, they may suggest additional troubleshooting steps specific to your setup. This could include verifying signal strength, checking for any known network issues in your area, or adjusting settings on your devices or router to optimize performance.

  3. Request a Review: If it turns out that 5G service is indeed unavailable in your area, you can request a review of your plan and explore alternatives. Our support team can guide you through available options, such as transitioning back to 5G Lite or considering other suitable plans that offer reliable connectivity for rural DSL users like yourself.

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I was able to switch from “lite” to “unlimited” without any issues.  I’m “going to guess” in your case that when you switched, they may have re-assigned you to a different tower that was 5G capable (N41/N71) but was further away with bad signal-metrics for your location.  Maybe they realized later that they shouldn’t have done that.