Credit Card billing is not working

  • 6 January 2017
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i try to pay off my bills online but it keeps saying enter a vaild number. And my cards are working fine. Has anyone been running into this problem?


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63 replies

I confirm I have had the same problem for the last two months. 

Same problem here...

Try another browser. For me Chrome did not work, but everything worked in Firefox.


Same problem for August and September 2020. This is NOT solved guys.

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My credit card number was rejected as invalid when using Firefox v68, but it was accepted when using Edge v44.

A new month, and still this problem has not been resolved. I need to waste a lot of time figuring out which browser is compatible with the front-end handling your payment system. Will be changing my service.


Update My Profile > Profile information > Security Questions. After that, I was able to make the payment. I hope this helps.


I went to the store, they said online payment is usually not working

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tmo = you're completely missing the issue!

It is NOT my card, otherwise how would I have been able to successfully use the SAME CARD in person to make my payment?  It can be nothing other than faulty web coding.

I had the SAME exact issue yesterday.  Yesterday they tell me a $45 bill is declined because clearly I put in the card info wrong.  Today, they charge a $250 bill with no issue.  

2023 and the exact problem continues….

Problem is still there, and this in 2023… so so bad

I tried it today. The same problem exists. All the information I key in is right but it showed error message. Even I used another bank’s debit card. The error remained. Terrible