gmail to is not working


emails from GMAIL to the SMS gateway, <phone.#> are NOT received as texts.

emails from OUTLOOK to the SMS gateway, <phone.#> ARE received as texts.

google has a gmail application “email to text” whereby one can gmail <phone.#> and receive text.  That is, google has their own email-SMS gateway.  When using this app, I DO receive the email as a text.

It appears that google is restricting emails to the tmobile email-SMS gateway,, to force customers to use googles app “email to text”.  Did I mention that google charges for the service?

Is there anyone who can shed any light on this?  Is there anyone who can email <phone.#> and receive a text?




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Oops, Maybe I was too quick to allege that google was nefariously dropping email/gmails to

24 hours ago, I sent email/gmail to  I just received a deliver status notification stating:

There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 47 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.


Remote-MTA: dns; (, the server for the domain
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 421 4.1.0 sender rejected AUP#CDRBL

I think T-mobile is using a third party named Cloudfilter to block spam texts and I am getting rejected.

Any thoughts?  What does AUP#CDRBL mean?


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I having the very same problem…..Don’t know where to get helps???

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Hey friends, The service has some pretty strict spam filters. We want to avoid as much spam as possible, but it is also not a very robust service like regular texting or data services, so it is not designed to be used for any company uses either. From what you showed with the error message it looks like the message is coming from a seemingly generic email address. I don’t know if you changed the email address to keep your information private or if that is actually what you are sending it from. The spam filters that exists for the email to text service look for generic emails like that and block them by design. That filter also looks for things like alert@ info@ admin@ and many other email addresses that may be associated to a company or spam. 

I know that this may not be the news that you want to hear, but I hope it at least sheds a little light on the situation and gives you some other ideas on how to get those messages sent.

421 4.1.0 <g……> sender rejected AUP#CDRBL

Where g….. is may actual email address that I’m not going to show here.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

We need this service reinstated, this is ruining my livelihood and productivity for my business with automated scripts i run using the tmomail service.  Please help!

@HeavenM , the thing is its my personal email, with no flags like admin, info, alert, etc.  this is pretty disappointing for what was once a great service.

@frito_bandito, i am getting the same error even when trying from outlook mail, this sucks.  its impacting my business and livelihood. 

Perhaps T-mobile could make a list of email addresses that are always allowed to send to each phone number. For example, it has an email address associated with each T-mobile account.


T-mobile could also allow each customer to add addresses to that list.


Using technology like SPF and DKIM it could verify that an email’s envelope sender domain matches the actual network mail exchanger from which it was sent.


Just an idea. As a long-time customer, I appreciate the service, when it works. 

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Has this issue resolved for anyone? Not for me as of 2/25/2023.

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FYI: I called TMobile support. They had me reboot my phone. They said they did NOT do anything like Spam settings on their side. They sent me a text and it worked. I went to my email and sent an email to and it said my email is blocked. I went to my email and sent an email and it worked! BTW, I tried to reset my email account with my phone number and they don’t recognize my number. Now there’s no way to reset my Outlook account. Some dude hijacked my account. Oh well, it was only used to send email to text. works for my phone number as of 2/25/2023.

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Update… So, I logged into my Yahoo email, and I sent an email to, and I DID receive the text. However, when I use my app (a C# app) to sent a SMTP message to, the SMS message never arrived. I logged into my and use an email address specifically for this purpose, it did not work. Using the outlook login in my app doesn’t work either. It thinks it’s spam. It did work 8 months ago. So, I gave up. I decided to use Twilio. It costs $2.15/month for a toll-free phone number and $0.0109 (1.09 penny) per text. Heck! for $1.00 I can send 91 sms text messages.

I can email myself normally to my tmomail address and I get the text.   But I am not getting “verification email” from Gmail for example so that I can add it as a forwarding address so that I can create a filter for a specific email I want to forward

emails from GMAIL to the SMS gateway, <phone.#> are NOT received as text

I'm  having the same issue for ever, I will check with my new cell service before changing if they allow email to text. This service has never worked for me.

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I can send email from or outlook via to my phone  But I don’t get the verification either.  I would like to be able to forward certain messages to my phone, but until the verification works, I guess not.


@tomobile, please look into the issue where the gmail verification messages are not going to sms.


I started having this problem a few days ago (as of 5/26/23).  I had been using it for many months and it was very reliable.  Six seconds after sending the SMS my phone would beep with the message.

Now it is very hit and miss, mostly miss.

The messages are always the same except for the inclusion of the current date and time.

Note, I had to use “;” (semicolon) instead of “:” (colon) or the message was never received.

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The vast majority of messages, are a miss.


As of yesterday (14 September 2023), such messages were not being delivered to the phones (multiple) and the senders (not specifically via Gmail) are not receiving a bounce/reject message, so it appears the messages are winding up in a black hole somewhere.


@HeavenM I understand spam filters are necessary, but when legitimate messages aren’t getting through, this is a problem


This is beyond ridiculous now.


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The vast majority of messages, are a miss.


As of yesterday (14 September 2023), such messages were not being delivered to the phones (multiple) and the senders (not specifically via Gmail) are not receiving a bounce/reject message, so it appears the messages are winding up in a black hole somewhere.


@HeavenM I understand spam filters are necessary, but when legitimate messages aren’t getting through, this is a problem


This is beyond ridiculous now.


Not being able to get a message through can be extremely frustrating. The spam filters should not be blocking everything. Are you sending these messages from your personal email address or from an automated email service? Does the email that you are sending from include words like admin, info, alert, test, contactus, or sales? (This is not a complete list of words in the email address that are filtered but gives you an idea.) The message route is not designed for ANY business messages, so if you are sending a message for a business purpose, you should either send from your business email to another email address or use a message aggregation service to send those. If you are sending a personal message (like “hey I left my phone at home. Can you make sure to feed the dogs?”), then those messages should not be blocked and we can dig deeper into what happened there (Unless that message is sent from a work email that is something like, because those are filtered out). 

I know this is extra frustrating because this email to text service has allowed these types of messages for a long time. T-Mobile is making large strides against spammers and scammers and that means cracking down on the avenues that we know those bad apples are using to take advantage of our customers. T-Mobile is leading the pack when it comes to these changes, but we are not the only ones. The other carriers are also making their filters stronger. That is why it is important to start finding the right way to send those business messages, so you don't have to worry about being flagged as spam. 

Serious problem... not getting stock price alerts from Schwab at tmomail .net. .

They keep insisting its not them. I sent myself several from Gmail account, a yahoo email Account .. NONE come thru so I believe it is tmobile.   On app all texts are enabled. 

Nothing blocked.  Even Scam unblocked. I will have to switch carriers because of this. 


@HeavenM I really hope that’s not the case, because that level of destructive behavior on a carriers part to make those changes in the dead of night is irresponsible enough to justify changing carriers immediately. It’s extremely anti-consumer to do this to people, let alone try to ensure everyone afterward that it is for the good of the consumer. I have used T-Mobile for almost 10 years and the only email to sms traffic I ever received was from systems I personally setup to do so, so I find it hard to believe it is such a systemic problem that T-Mobile had to go and prevent previously legitimate use to stop some rampant scamming campaign. Especially when you’ve blocked “business” domains, that reeks of bad faith.  

It sounds much more like what some other carriers tried to do with varying success, and either sunset a service silently to avoid bad PR, or set us up to use a paid tier service that offers nothing over the free service that’s worked for years.  

But in this case even a personal Gmail message sent to my phone without all those “bad” words listed above still fails, so it would appear it’s just not working at all. Either way I’m glad my phone is a dual SIM device, so I can take my business to AT&T, and give T-Mobile a bit of time to fix it and fix it properly, before I terminate my account with them permanently. I don’t want to do that but y’all gotta own up to a very anti-consumer decision when you’ve made one, you used to be better than this. 


This is ridiculous.  Most email services give the user the option of selecting if a message is “good” or “junk”.  Why isn’t t-mobile doing the same with texts?

At least tell us... it's discontinued or they're going to charge a fee.   Tell us.  

I've already started asking Verizon and ATT forums if it's working for them. 

I cannot be without stock alerts and security camera alerts to text..  

Nice knowing you all. 

having the same issue as well. email sent from Gmail is not getting through as a text. I tried sending from my work account and it worked. So it looks like the service is still active but they may have changed something on their side. I spoke to tmobile technical support and should receive an update in the next day or so. This issue started happening on Wed 13th. Prior to that, my hourly stock alerts were coming through just fine for the past few months.

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They still have not fixed this. G-mail is blocked. Cant get anything out. Failures at the core. I cant include a sms from GMAIL.


T-Mobile fix this. No one is reporting spam in SMS being from email accounts. Is way to easy to tell an sms came from email


FIX THIS - Today please Today please.

There is a way I have worked around this and the solution is actually better. 

create a new gmail account. 
setup spark email to connect to this account. (I have an iPhone)
instead of emailing , email to this new address you created

enable notifications on spark so it pops up whenever an email arrives. I have implemented this on my end for my stock alerts and it actually works better because I am not limited to text. 
notifications also show up on my Apple Watch and this avoids the total nonsense from T-Mobile. 

Hey t-mobile. I keep getting spam calls, from businesses, legitimate and otherwise. Perhaps a good policy would be to block all phone calls…

Look, we get it. Cracking down on spam is important, but if I can’t send myself a text message from my own email account, the policy doesn’t come across as consumer protection. Smells more like corporations fighting over juicy user data and corporate greed.

I use this service to ensure I receive notification of important events in my own home. Water leak and smoke detection, doors opened when nobody should be home and sometimes to send a random compliment to my wife.

Security must always be balanced with convenience. If maintaining a blacklist for spammers and non-approved business use is too much for t-mobile to handle (laughable), at least give us a whitelist option to opt-in for senders we trust. 

I've been dealing with same problem for a month,  not getting stock price alerts.  

Yesterday T mobile tech called me to say it is working. I sent myself an email to text and got it so progress but still not getting from business for stocks.