SOLVED Voicemails not showing up until days after they were left

  • 3 December 2020
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This is not resolved. Have had this issue for years. 

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Not solved. This is impacting my ability to do business. Please fix. 

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I am angry because I just received a voice mail from my doctor's office telling me they had an opening...4 DAYS AGO!!!! None of the above fixes work. T-Mobile, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!!!

I have been getting voicemails late from debt collectors but once I receive a regular call from anywhere else, these types of voicemails show up. And it’s only them not anyone else. For example, a blood bank called me for a donation today, got the missed call plus the voicemail along with a voicemail yesterday from a debt collector. Idk how legit the scam is because it seems my VM from these kinds are always delayed. Frustrating! 

btw - I delete voicemails and texts usually right after I receive them so I have plenty of storage, usually restart my phone once a week, toggled airplane mode, nothing has seemed to help! 

Action1024 do you know if there is a simple way to mass delete messages?  I have tons!

And, once I delete them, is there a trash hidden somewhere I can go to to permanently delete them?

I sure hope this works!  I too have been having the same issue for years!

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I don’t save voicemails. Most times the message is deleted after Inlisgen to it. The last few days voicemails appear hours after left. Today a voicemail was left at 2:30 pm and it was 10:12 pm before the notification came through. 

How can this be fixed?

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I’m have the exact same problem.  Often Visual Voicemails show up hours after people have left me a message.  I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for 10-15 years.  This has been going on for years.  VERY frustrating!

Hey T-Mobile, new line. Set up voicemail. But no voicemails are showing up on the phone. People can leave voicemail, but I don’t get any notification of voicemail on my iPhone 11. I don’t use video messaging, and don’t have many texts, so it can’t be about no space/storage. Why dont voicemails show up? Read online to say something to you such as “Have them file a Service Complaint under "MWI: Voicemail notifications (MWI) are delayed”. Please help!

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This fix did nothing. I don’t save voicemails so I don’t have voicemails, toggling airplane mode did nothing, hart restart did nothing. Drive 100 miles to nearest city. Voicemails show up. Very very bad service this is last straw why am I even paying for this crappie service. I’m done bye crap Mobil 

I’ve struggled with delayed call and voicemail notifications for years.

A phone reboot or airplane mode toggle or network reset would show the missing notifications….but subsequent missed calls/voicemails would not appear.

After many wasted hours of support calls and store visits with no resolution, I finally found the source of my problems…….too many visual voicemails!!!!!!



After removing ~100 visual voicemail messages, I now get immediate  missed call and voicemail notifications.

I am so happy!! 




Thank you!  Finally fixed!

Thank you for your post!   I have been struggling also.  So you have to go to your deleted voicemails and delete your deleted voicemails.  Mind blown!  But it worked immediately!

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Hey @Action1024  and thanks for posting.

We always want to you so spend only the time you need to spend on with support so sorry if we took too much of your time. 

On the other hand, I’m glad you posted some helpful info for other folks to use if they come across this issue. Clearing out old message is  HUGE help.

Thank you!