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Welcome Sprint Community!

  • 2 November 2020
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Welcome Sprint Community!
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We’re excited to have you join the family. This is the spot for all things relating to community engagement and involvement. Get comfortable, relax, and take a look around... 

First things first 

Getting familiar with the site is gonna be huge so we’ve created a Get Started section. It has the basics for registering and setting up a profile. Head to the How to and guide for other more important articles on replying to messages and logging into the Community. We do have ground rules here so check out the Terms & Conditions for Community etiquette. Keep in mind, we need to keep it positive and family-friendly here. We want everyone to come here and contribute to the conversations. 

Helpful Content 

Our Sprint Migration Center is a great place to start for articles on common questions like billing and setting up a T-Mobile ID for your account access. Here are a few other links that’ll be helpful: 

Helpful Discussions 

We have an entire Community of helpful users waiting to answer a variety of questions. Create a post in the categories below to get help or help others: 

  • Accounts & Services – Account, Billing, and Service related discussions 

  • Devices- Android, Apple, and other device related discussions 

  • Just for fun- Off-topic, fun discussions, contests, and giveaways! 

Join in now 

Ready to join in on the discussions? Start with our most Recently active topics for the latest topics and questions. For those looking to level up, look over our Badges and Missions to get more info on earning points and getting cool badges. Always keep an eye on our Blogs & Updates page for news, contests, and giveaways! 

1 reply

Now that you add sprint t-moble is not working very good. low bars dropped calls. Not happy!!