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  • 2 November 2020
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Welcome Sprint Community!
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14 replies

Now that you add sprint t-moble is not working very good. low bars dropped calls. Not happy!!

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Now that you add sprint t-moble is not working very good. low bars dropped calls. Not happy!!

adding on a few million people tends to do that to a network..however TMO is also upgrading the mass majority of their towers. last rumored was about 100 towers per day across the nation.. with that being said though not sure how COVID is affecting their upgrades or not.


its gonna take time

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Terrible Customer Service

I have been a customer with Sprint for about 19 years and the level of service and frustration I am having with "Customer Service" is making me strongly reconsider. I have made a total of 4 calls, 2 on Friday, November 27th and 2 on Saturday November 28th.


Issue: When I tried to upgrade my devices. 1 out of the 5 phones was not coming up as eligible for trade in because of a lease or installment plan. The issue with this is I purchase all my devices straight up at Best Buy and don't have installment plans.


Call 1: Lasted 30 minutes, and got information on upgrading the five lines on my account.


Call 2: Lasted about 30 minutes and was not helpful. Said their system was down and to call back tomorrow.


Call 3: Lasted over 2 hours and 15 minutes (not including hold time). Where I was transferred laterally among the "Customer Service Department" and "Sales Team". I repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and was either told no one is available or that they could handle my issue themselves. After finally getting everything I needed ready. The agent told me that I would be charged $20 per line as a fee associated to my phone call. I asked to have it waived as it was not my fault that the Online portal did not work and for the simple fact that I had wasted over 30 minutes due to incompetence and the unwillingness to escalate my issue even with repeated requests to speak to a manager. At the end of the call the sales person said he would check with his manager. After putting me on hold for 15 minutes he hung up on me. He eventually hung up and never called back even though he had a good call back number.


Call 4: Lasted over 2 hours. I was transferred back and forth even though I asked for a Manager/Supervisor multiple times. There were even  couple people who just put me on hold and transferred me without telling me. After my willingness to accept the BS charges of upgrading my devices over the phone. The sales associate told me that I would be signed up for insurance and I could cancel it within 30 days. I repeatedly told her I do not want it. And I just want the devices but she kept saying I could cancel it. Even said if I don't have insurance and the phone breaks while shipping to me I would be out of luck. She eventually hung up and never called back even though she had a good call back number.


What Im asking for:

-I want the promotions I have been trying to get since Friday for my new devices

-I want to speak to Manager or someone higher up in America from Sprint that can take care of me and get this over with. I have spent entirely too long and have tried way to hard just to lock myself in a 30 month installment plan with Sprint for 5 devices. I am practically trying to give you my money and your company refuses to take it.

-I do not want insurance on any devices

-I would like each employee that touched my account since Friday reprimanded and given training


After all 4 of my calls and the 10 plus employees that I spoke to. It is more than evident that Sprint does not care for their customers the same way they used to. They especially have no regard for Customer Loyalty. It's also upsetting to know that if I have an issue, I can't call into the *2 number because all the employees do not want to escalate and get in trouble. On top of all that, Sprint has to be pushing extremely hard on their employees where they would rather not make a sale than take a purchase without insurance on my devices.


Last thing, although each employee was not willing to help me or could not help me. They all insisted I add a line to my account since it was free which just created more anger and frustration on my part. You can't even get my current devices squared away and you want me to sign up for more?!?


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Just an update. I have had 3 customer service representatives reach out via personal message and still can't fix my account or get me the correct end result. They continue to circle around and do the same thing every person on the phone has done. In addition, I have been unable to speak to a manager.
At this point if this is not resolved by Friday of this week I will take my 19 years of business to another carrier that actually cares about their customers. Im posting in here in the hopes of T-Mobile having better customer service than Sprint.

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Just an update. I have had 3 customer service representatives reach out via personal message and still can't fix my account or get me the correct end result. They continue to circle around and do the same thing every person on the phone has done. In addition, I have been unable to speak to a manager.
At this point if this is not resolved by Friday of this week I will take my 19 years of business to another carrier that actually cares about their customers. Im posting in here in the hopes of T-Mobile having better customer service than Sprint.

sorry i wasnt able to get to this a couple days ago..but unfortunately the TMO site here is not like the Sprint site..there are no agents to assist in here..its mainly peer to peer..the only way you can get assistance from them would be






Hi asadulsx,

Interestingly I have had the reverse problems. I was with Tmobile for over 10 years but switched to Sprint one month before the merger for a better rate, knowing that the merger would happen. For just over a year I've had horrible Sprint customer service. All the Sprint reps seem to be using a script both in chat and via 611. Going into a Tmobile store, the manager swapped out my Sprint sim card for a Tmobile sim card. That helped my service issues. In my experience Tmobile is better at troubleshooting AND LISTENING. The few times I've been able to actually be transferred to a Tmobile rep, my problem is resolved. Hopefully by setting up a Tmobile community forum account, my customer service experiences will be more positive again!

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i agree with the improved reception but keep in mind that the site here itself is primarily peer to peer..there is a handful of moderators/admins here but only to keep isnt like the prior Sprint site when it comes to getting online assistance.

Very unhappy with the debacle caused by the merger. We were/are Sprint customers. We followed the directions and replaced our Sprint sim cards with T-Mobile and continued to pay our bills through our online Sprint account. I noticed that T-Mobile had a plan that would work for us and save some money. However, when I tried to activate it, it acted like I was adding new lines. So, off to chat where I was told I needed to use the Sprint chat. I was then told that our account had to be migrated before we could get any of the T-Mobile offers, and that in order to do that we would either have to take our phones to a brick and mortar store (50 miles away) or call the migration desk. After trying the migration desk number multiple times, and being placed on hold for 20-30 minutes, I gave up on that option. We are now considering just cancelling our Sprint/T-Mobile service and going with a different carrier after over 15 years with Sprint. First, we should have been told our account wouldn’t just be switched over to T-Mobile. And, secondly, there should be an option to do that from our account page. We are extremely disappointed in how difficult T-Mobile is making this mandatory switch. 

New to T Mobile with Sprint merger.  I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone for tech support.  Is there a trick to getting a human?  Been on hold first time 18 minutes and gave up, now going on 10 mins and suffering through Hanson on terrible hold music.  

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couple other options when it comes to contacting TMO would be through social media. Facebook/Twitter are a couple of options. using this route also lands you with tier 2 support instead of the call in tier 1 support.

I’ve got service with T-Mobile August 30th in a chat section. I was told price, deals, trade ins, and all information we normally ask when switching providers. It turned out, since I was getting 3 lines, that one phone would be free due to the “Buy one, Get One” promotion, and the second also free because of my trade in iPhone. It seemed a very descent deal and I decided to add 2 iWatches to the bundle. I was told that my final bill would be around $170 a month. The first bill came and it was $238, and none of the deals I was promised were listed in my account, not even the phone, an Apple XS plus in very good condition, that I sent as a trade was accounted for. I called T-Mobile and they changed the bill back to $170 and they promised it would e corrected. For the last three-four months I had to call to adjust my bill, and always getting the promise that it’d be last time calling and everything would be corrected. Well, I’ve just got my new bill and it’s again at $238. I, once again, called, but at this time I was told that my account doesn’t qualify for the deals I was promised. I have spent hours in the phone with representatives, and for most part I have been lied to all of this time. They lied when I agreed to the plan offered, and later changed it to a much higher bill, and all they are telling me is “sorry”. Last conversations on 12/8, then on12/9, and the manager I spoke with said that they would make one phone paid off because of the trade in, but so far my bill is

still unchanged.

All I want is for T-Mobile to honor they promise, keep the deal that I was promised.

As soon as I can I will switch providers, I am a honest person, and I will not give my business to a dishonest company.

Below are some excerpts of my chat, date, timeline and representative’s name.

(in the excerpts below, “Marco” is T-Mobile representative, “You” is myself)

7:39, Aug 30

Marco: Do you have preferred phone and plan?

7:40, Aug 30

You: iPhone 12 the big size screen, unlimited data, text and voice and 5G 7:40, Aug 30

You: and keep my current numbers

7:40, Aug 30 Marco:

Fantastic! i can give you buy 1 get 1 promo. May I have your good call back number just in case we get disconnected

7:50, Aug 30

Marco: yes because you will only get upto $400 for iphone 8.

7:50, Aug 30 You: what about a Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB in Gold

7:51, Aug 30

Marco: That is upto $800 so your bill is $70 if you trader in iphone xs device.

7:44, Aug 30

You: what is the deal with phones, one is free, but does itrequire trade in? 7:44, Aug 30

You: or only trade one?

7:45, Aug 30

Marco: If buy 1 get 1 no trade in required however you will pay for the first phone.

7:45, Aug 30

Marco: 2nd option is yes. And i can give you upto $800 on iphone 12 each if you trade in your old phone.

8:12, Aug 30

You: how much if I add one more line?

8:12, Aug 30 You: 5G iPhone 12?

8:12, Aug 30 You: no trade in?

8:14, Aug 30 Marco: Let me check one moment.$135 included the installment of the iphone 12 3rd line without trade in.

8:30, Aug 30

Marco: So, to sum it all up in numbers here! Magenta 55+-$105 3 Apple iPhone 12 3 Physical SIM P360-0$ assited support fee-$105 Device installment-$93 for 24 months. Device credit after 2 bill cycle-$62.50 Total bill: $136.25 taxes included


After that I added two watches, $20 for the lines, and 14.87 for installments.

136.25 + 20 + 14.37 = $170.62, current bill $238.00

to summarize, I feel I’ve been schemed by T-Mobile.


I truly miss Sprint. I truly, truly do. T-mobile sucks


I was on Sprint for 25 years!  Always had service.  Since T Mobile, took over, I never have service.  Constant dropped calls, and “no Network service detected” to make a call! I work from home in Customer Service, and need my phone.  I complained to the FCC.  Then I get a call and email from some Supervisor, who says they “cant guarantee coverage all of the time”.  Well I dont have a signal 80 percent of the time!  This is unacceptable.  Why did they take over Sprint customers who they can not service.  I want my money back for all of these months of service they have not provided.  They are regulated.  You can not charge for a service, and not provide it.  That is the law of business.  I suggest, we all start calling and asking for credits.  Fix the issue @Tmobile.  And dont tell me phone isnt compatible either. Then you should not be charging me if you can not provide the service.  That is called intent in contract law!   I cant even get on to the Wifi in my apartment.  Read the comments! 

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this is a peer to peer assistance will need to contact TMO in order for them to look into this.