Face down sleep mode Revvl 6 Pro

  • 15 September 2023
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Why does my Revvl 6 Pro keep turning off when I put it screen down, and how do I stop it? 

28 replies


And I want the sensor to not do anything, even if it gets covered 

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ok so you might google how to boot the phone into safe mode..this shuts down all 3rd party apps just to make sure a rogue app and the update arent battling each other in the background..if the problem is sitll there then you will probably need to perform a factory reset..just make sure to back up the phone prior to doing not seeing a onslaught of posts about this with this phone so it might be a fluke deal with yours. something might not have fully loaded right or it might have held onto a file that should have been dumped when the update pushed through…


cant shut down the sensors..even if you could every time you put the phone to your ear all you would be doing is dialing numbers with the side of your face the whole convo lol


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It definitely sounds like a proximity sensor thing. The proximity sensor is mainly known for turning the screen dark when you are on a call to prevent pushing buttons with your face. They are also used to turn off the screen when the phone is set down or put in a pocket to prevent other buttons from being pushed. There isn’t a direct way to turn it off in settings because is not really recommended to do so, but a google search would get you some steps to do that. 

The only other setting that I think could affect your screen turning off when you set it down is the screen lock. Do you have a lock on your phone? Have you tried turning it off to see if the screen goes dark when set down?