Voicemails being "Deposited into text"

  • 20 March 2021
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Our family recently transferred to T-mobile.  We all have iPhone 12 Max.  

Since transferring to T-Mobile all of our voicemails we receive are also being “deposited” into our texts.

I have searched the internet, T-mobile site, and this community trying my. best to find out how to stop this from happening.

Does anyone know how to stop this.  It is filling up my phone storage!

30 replies

Pardon my ignorance but I don’t know what the VM app is. By the name I would expect it to be Voicemail but I don’t know of any such app. I have the T-Mobile app which is in pink with a large T on it.  That’s the one I’ve been using to try to turn off the T-Mobile Voicemail to Text option. I’ve looked in the App Store for some other T-Mobile app which deals with voicemail and I can’t find one. Other than that there is Apple’s Phone app which has Apple’s voicemail in it but I wouldn’t consider it a voicemail app - it’s a phone app that also has voicemail. Is there some other app I’m missing? Also, in the T-Mobile app, at the top level, top right, there are not 3 dots so I don’t expect you mean that app. 

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the app looks like a cassett tape kind of and under it it says...visual voicemail..might not have been added to your main screen..might be in the built in apps that you didnt dedicate to anywhere. unless they do something completely different for apple phones or for some stupid reason make it look different..the name should still be the same.

It turns out that app is only for Android. 

  This app is only for Android devices, Apple iOS devices use a built-in voicemail app. For help with the iPhone app, see Check your voicemail on iPhone - Apple Support.”

And I’m getting nowhere with Apple or T-Mobile. I appreciate the help though. Thanks.


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interesting. all my devices have been carrier variants so never had to deal with that side of things.

This VM to text solution is clearly designed for Android users as it offers no advantages to iPhone users. Apparently, Android devices don’t have a standard visual VM as all iOS devices do. 

Like many others on this thread, the features was suddenly enabled on my account for no apparent reason. And now, my iPhone’s visual voicemail is not receiving messages at all. I continue to get text messages with non-functioning links announcing new voicemails. My only option is to dial into the T-Mobile voicemail system, enter my password, and navigate through messages using the keypad (like I’m living in 1992).

I called 611 to try to sort this out with customer support. First level support was completely unfamiliar with the iPhone and instructed me to downlaod the visual VM app. When I pointed out the app is Android only, my call was transfered to next level support. The next tech at least understood my problem, but couldn’t help me correct it. I was promised a callback later in the week. That never happened. Or maybe it did and I never received the voicemail.