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  • 26 August 2018
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That's what it's. the moment I add on families allowance . When the

cancel Netflix my phone works right away

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I'm sorry, are you saying that you already had the Family Allowance feature before you added the Netflix?  The Netflix feature includes FA so if you already had it, there may be a conflict. 

Whenever I attempt to make a phone call to contacts or any random number I get a instant notification from T-Mobile saying that



You are not able to make calls at this time.  always allowed numbers can be reached .


What fresh heck is this?


Oddly enough I can call T-Mobile and the other line on my account works fine and I can text with no problem both on Wi-Fi and LTE so it seems Wi-Fi calling does nothing to help or hinder. Network settings have not changed.



The easiest fix I did after going to T-Mobile and calling 611 waiting hours for no solution is log on to T-Mobile account on your browser. Go to “family where”. Then click “family allowances” next Limit device access. Chose the phone number that is giving you this error then make sure there is no check marks for limits. What this is it’s a limit put on your device to restrict calls from going out or coming in. Hope this works


I changed my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Verizon to Tmobile 1 hour later I

went home sign in to Netflix my phone stop working ....

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This is because of the actual feature that was added to the account, on your bill it will look like

Netflix Prem. $13.99 w/ Fam Allowance, ($19 value).

(Your mileage may vary based on the particular Netflix package you have)

It's this feature that's causing the issue, not when you signed up for the service on the Netflix website.

I still go back to if you are still having the issue, I'd explore getting a new SIM card.

I do care to have my phone work on my first day with Tmobile I do not care

about free Netflix or family allowance that stop my service . My phone is

working now without Netflix end of discussion.

I had the exact same issue and it was because we had Netflix active on our T-mobile One Plan before and just removed it on I was able to fix it solely using the web portal after you log in

After you log into your account, click "Contact Us" on the top navigation. And under "Plans & Usage", click "Add family allowances". As the account own, you need to check "Family Allowances". As what other said, this could be a bug from t-mobile that when you remove the Netflix service from your account you also remove this "Family Allowances" feature as well. Apparently without this, you can't make calls.

I had the same issue with one of my new lines. I could not make / receive calls once I ported a number to my line.  Spent 4-5 hrs for the past 3 days with different techs and none could figure out. They were saying it’s a problem with the phone and so on and no one could understand the fact that the sim is registered and it’s just the calls don’t go through. I could even send and receive txt and data with no issues. 

Thanks to this post I finally landed here and tried the steps 


  1. Replaced the sim - That did not help
  2. Logged into T-mobile.COm and removed Netflix add on
  3. i was able to make and receive calls
  4. added the Netflix plan back - still able to make and receive calls 

toggling the Netflix add on fixed the problem. Looks like there is bug which they need to fix but no one in customer care knows about it. 


Still having the issue whenever I add Netflix back.

I’ve been dealing with this issue on my wife’s phone for many months, if I call it says something like the person you are dialing cannot accept calls and when she called out, you cannot make calls at this time. I discovered my son’s phone was doing the same thing. It wasn’t until I found this forum post and seeing to remove Netflix that it solves the issue. I added it back, turned off all family allowance settings and I thought the issue was resolved, my wife tells me she still cannot reliably make calls. I call support and they tried many things, nothing they did worked and I said let’s try removing Netflix, she was shocked when that fixed it. She created a ticket to engineering and I got a call two days ago saying that it was fixed but when I added Netflix back the problem was still there. 

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this might also be an issue on Netflixs side that they need to fix...normally you dont fix the road to adjust to the adjust the this case the issue comes in with Netflix and goes away when its removed..nothing else. you might also hit up the devs for the Netflix app and see what they say. you might also go into the play store, pull up the comments on the Netflix app itself and filter it to either include your phone or look at the most recent and see how many people are saying the same thing.



out of curiosity..esim or physical sim?

We just had this issue too. How come the engineering team hasn’t fixed this. Clearly looks like a race condition of some sort and it’s extremely frustrating since we had 3 lines fail initially and then another one after the 3 started working again for a total of 2-3 different days of our lines not working. Could we escalate this? I’ve never had an issue with Tmobile until now and this is extremely frustrating. 

My iphone is esim and my sons and wife’s iPhones are physical sim. I was able to call out and receive calls no issues. Any relation to physical vs esim? Now that I’ve cancelled Netflix I guess I have to pay out of pocket or cancel outright. It’s very inconvenient to have a phone service that is not dependable. 

Also hard to think this thread was started 5 years ago and still an issue. I told the T-Mobile tech about this thread. 

So I was curious and checked all of the lines under my account, after being assured all family allowances were disabled, but that turned out to be incorrect. There was web filtering still on on one of my lines. I disabled that re-added back Netflix and made some test calls to one of the numbers I couldn’t called before and so far so good. I used to be a big advocate for T-Mobile but after this I’m more reluctant.