LG v60 Thinkq (dual screen): Speakerphone cutting off

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The same thing was happening with my phone. I couldn't find any solution. As much as I liked the phone, I returned it on Buyer's Remorse and got the OnePlus 8.

It's still happening multiple times a day and is very annoying.  I noticed that the problem has not happened on other apps using video calls so maybe it is a software issue with the preinstalled caller app.  My next step is to call T-mobile customer care and open a service ticket.  I'm doubtful that customer service will be able help.

Yeah T-Mobile customer service is pretty much worthless. I guarantee

they'll say they have never heard of this. I have called in 8 to 10 times

and they still tell me that every time.

I don't have this issue with the speaker phone but I couldn't find a post with my problem. My phone keeps glitching in a way that I appears to shut off but simply goes into black screen. I see the thumb print reader but I can't get into my phone. Eventually after 20 minutes or so it will start working properly. Now it's happening even more frequently. And I can't even call tech support.

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If you can go into Safe Mode (check info for your phone), you can test if it's the phone (or new update) OR if it's some errant settings.

We have 2 LG V60's and we have the speaker cutting out on both.  Working from home, using speaker phone is critical and it a real problem.  I've called Tmobile and LG.  LG told me to turn up the volume! Other than that the only thing I can do is to mail  the phone in and they can look at it. I can't be with out a phone for weeks.  I asked them where I could post an issue that many users were having for their software people could look into and they said there wasn't any place I could do it. Very frustrating!

I tried the Safe Mode a couple of times and it didn't make a difference. I also contacted LG and received some long answers, but no useful info about a real fix.


I also have been experiencing the same issue while carrying a conversation on speaker phone, the phone will mute itself and I'll have to switch back to regular mode to finish my conversation. I 100% believe that this is a LG software issue that LG Needs to address. I say that because this is my second LG V60, my first one I had, I dropped it and  I didn't have a case on it and the rear glass shattered but that phone also had muting issues while I was using the speaker, it would also mute in the middle of a call. Fortunately I had insurance on the phone, the insurance company sent me a brand new, still in the box device. It was not a refurbished phone at all, it was 100% brand new. I have tried everything, turning it on and off, turning  it on and off while plugged in to the power outlet. I've tried a hard reboot unplugged, I've tried to hard reboot while still plugged in to the power outlet. I've cleared the caches to every single app, I've used the cleaning software that's preloaded on the phone multiple times. Nothing works. So if your phone works perfectly fine with the exception of the speakerphone, I suggest that you do not return it for a replacement because I guarantee the next LG V60 you receive will have this exact same issue with the speakerphone. This is a software issue, 100%, that only LG can correct with a software update, hopefully.

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Sorry everyone's having trouble this. I'm working with my internal folks. Haven't heard any news about an update, but I'm looking onto that as an option. I'll keep folks posted with what I find. Thanks everyone.

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I did hear back. Right now, we'd like folks to not use the speakerphone if you have issues or use a Bluetooth device. If that changes in the future, we'll keep you updated on other next steps. My apologies folks, but we'll keep everyone in the know.

I am not sure if this is an acceptable response given the magnitude of this particular issue as reflected here. Owners of this LG Model V60 deserve a more active and worthy response.

I couldn't agree more! There's been no support from T-Mobile or LG.

I have the same exact problem.  Do not get this phone.  It get's worse over time.  You can never use the speaker phone option.  This is a major bug that renders this phone useless.  LG should have not ignore this. 

I just want to add my voice to this speaker issue.  I bought mine at Costco last week and have been experiencing the call and speaker cut-off that you have been describing.  I still have one more week to return this phone.  So, I will be keeping a keen eye on this forum.  Thank you to all of those that have contacted LG and t-Mobile.  Let's hope they have a good and prompt solution soon.

From reading messages in this forum, it appears that neither LG nor T-Mobile care enough to address these issues. I believe adequate and reasonable time has already been given, but no satisfactory response has been provided. When I called LG Tech Support the other day, I was given a scripted response that I could ship in my phone for repair. The uneducated Tech Support Rep failed to understand that it is not just my phone, rather it is a flaw in the phone's software/hardware. When I suggested to look at this forum, the Rep responded like a robot ans repeated that I could ship it in for a "repair."

Question: Is it time to seek legal advice and put both LG and T-Mobile on notice?

Thank you

4 phones. All have the same speakerphone issue. I am w teacher working Tom home. On hold for over an hour yesterday with t-mobile. Had to hang up. Very frustrated.

For the first time in 15 years i strayed from Samsung and bought the V60 dual screen.  Very innovative phone, but immediately started suffering this mute problem on business calls. I use speakerphone all the time. Having now read several threads about it, I find it hard to believe how LG and Tmobile are responding.  I saw the same on the Verizon forum (LG v60 Dropping Calls and Muting - Verizon Community)​ so it is clearly a LG issue. If LG tries to point the finger at the carriers this is my first and last LG phone. 

STEP UP LG, admit a flaw, work on a fix or stop selling the phone.

Update that went out fixed my speakerphone issue. It's been working last 3 calls I made. One was a 40 minute call.

I installed the update last night and was hoping that it was a fix.  I haven't had a chance to try it but I have multiple conference calls on Monday. Hopefully this is resolved because it is very annoying.

What is this fix and where can I find it?

What is this fix and where can I find it?

I was able to make calls previously that lasted over 40 minutes and then my next call wouldn't last ten second, it's very inconsistent. I got my update yesterday so we will see you.

Thanks. I will try on my 4 phones!

David Lubnow

Would someone from TMobile confirm or not whether the recent update is supposed to fix the sudden mute problem during the speakerphone mode. And in general, please add more details about what the update is for. It looked like it might cover many items, size is ~460 MB, but the description on the update screen was very generic.

I can confirm that after the update was installed, I have had two 25-min conversations over the speaker phone with no issue. Please note that I am NOT confirming that the update permanently resolved this annoying issue. The jury is still out. I will update this thread in the near future.