Unable to view billing details online

  • 14 September 2023
  • 3 replies


I’ve been having issue for months when logged in my business online account, and not able to see billing details. It kept loading and loading… 3 months ago, I spoke to customer service. They told me there were system update. Now I realized it’s not system update, there’s something wrong. I spoke to customer service yesterday, they opened a ticket for me (they’ve been saying that months ago. No one ever called me back). Now I’m not able to log in period. It just showing I’m not invited to account hub. I’m the owner of the account. I only have one email account. Now what? It’s so frustrating.

3 replies

I cannot find the billing details either. I have looked eveywhere.


There is definitely something wrong with T-Mobile website and looking at your own billing or anything else I'm able to log into the messages here so I can comment but I log into my account after logging out you know email or phone number and your password and then they want to send you a code via text message or email I do that and it says you don't have access to this in logs me right out


Have you been able to check your billing cuz I haven't been able to no matter how many times I changed the password over the phone with customer service they have to deal with technical


I have been experiencing the same issue for MONTHS now. Every time i speak with an T Mobile associate, usually in the Philippines, its the same old song and dance. EVERYBODY is an “expert” or a “supervisor” and they just make empty promises. I’m ready to move to another wireless provider over this bullcrap.